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Operating in the telecommunications space can be especially challenging. It is imperative for telecom providers to assure that all of their processes, software, and applications meet global quality standards for an optimized user experience.

Business Challenges

  • Managing IT costs
  • Standing out among the competition using technology as a differentiator
  • Customer experience and advocacy
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Customer retention
  • Protecting Market Share

Typical Use-Cases

Testing provided by QualityKiosk encompasses the following:

Telecom Testing Services| QA Testing | QualityKiosk

Our Expertise

QualityKiosk offers telecommunication service providers the QA testing they require to keep their internal and external applications and software operating at the highest level possible. We are engaged with several top telecom companies in APAC and bring more than 12 years of experience to the table. Our experienced staff is over 1000 people strong, and is growing every day! Our Digital Lab is equipped with over 500 modern devices to help assure that your business is always delivering a seamless end-user experience, regardless of what browser, operating system, or device your end-user is using.

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