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Over the years, E-Commerce has grown into a multibillion dollar business. To build trust, confidence and customer advocacy, QualityKiosk provides a comprehensive suite of quality assurance solutions.

Business Challenges

  • Uniform Customer Experience Across Device Form Factors, Operating Systems and Bandwidth
  • Overfunded Competitors are Driving Up Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • Rapidly evolving technology landscape
  • Multi-channel Model of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Sales

Typical Use-Cases

E-Commerce Testing | Quality Assurance | QualityKiosk

Our Expertise

QualityKiosk is engaged with top e-commerce players in APAC. Our team offers e-commerce clients access to over 500 Functional Assurance and more than 150 Performance Engineering Experts. Our digital lab features over 500 devices for thorough digital testing.

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Digital Experience Management

Digital Experience Management

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