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QualityKiosk provides consulting services for functional assurance, performance engineering, test automation and post-production customer experience management. These services are typically provided as a part of our unique outcome-based model. Our consulting team offers clients a unique combination of years of experience and deep expertise in Quality Assurance coupled with domain specific business knowledge.

Our Tool & Technology experts map complex technology landscapes and ensure the appropriate combination of tools, technology, quality assurance framework and skill sets are deployed in every engagement.

Engagement Model

Our consulting service team has a “Can Do” attitude and will do what it takes to assure that your business is equipped with everything you need to succeed.

Typically, QualityKiosk works using a resource augmentation model. If you already have a team, you may need only a couple of experts. Alternately, if you do not have a team, we can take over the entire project. Our pricing is outcome-driven, offering peace of mind knowing that all of your objectives will be met.

Guiding Principles

Our consulting team follows the key principles outlined below:

Independent Consulting Services Company | QualityKiosk

Independence: We take care of QA issues proactively, giving our clients the freedom to focus on other key areas of their business operations

Quality: We uphold the highest quality standards and benchmarks. If needed, we run extra tests to assure the highest levels of quality are consistently achieved

Partner: We work extensively with every Client using a partnership model. We do what it takes to deliver a favorable, successful outcome

Engaged: We take responsibility for quality assurance across the entire lifecycle

Thought Leadership: We suggest ideas and new techniques to help minimize your time-to-market

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