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CXGuardian – Unravel Mobile Application Performance Stories

There is a digital revolution happening with most of the applications from retail to BFSI segment moving to a mobile-first avatar. One of the key user expectations from the mobile application is performance. Performance issues often result in abandoning the software application and bad reviews can prevent adoption.

This Whitepaper Highlights:

  • The need for a fully automated process, tools and methodology using which one can track frustrated page hits
  • Factors that affect End User Experience – Technical issues, hardware resource, UI smoothness
  • Understanding performance stories with the help of drill down analysis, trend analysis, tier-break analysis, and forecasting application performance

CXGuardian is a customer experience management and monitoring platform. It unravels performance issues measured as frustrated page hits and digs deeper to create coherent performance stories. These stories help the application owner to focus their resources to solve performance related issues

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