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Test Automation

QualityKiosk is a leader in providing automated testing services to our global clients. Our hi-tech test automation services operate on custom frameworks, in-house IP-driven tools, and industry-specific workflow repositories to accelerate quality assurance. We offer unique custom technology-driven services for Agile and DevOps modes of application development, where the development lifecycles require continuous quality assurance. Test automation is crucial for the organization to meet their goals on their digital transformation journey.

Test Automation Differentiators:

  • Customized Test Automation Framework for Business-specific Workflows
  • Continuous Quality Assurance. We Test consistently and as Often As Needed
  • Minimize costs and efforts by Using Script Generators, Test Report Generators, and Industry-Specific Libraries that reuse functions, test scenarios, and collections of user actions
  • Decouple Test Management and Test Execution Tools using Quality Assurance Framework. It is a Truly Tool Agnostic Platform That Offers ‘Plugs and Play’ Capabilities Using a Wide Range of Test Management and Execution Tools
  • Never Compromise on Regression Testing Due to Shorter Time to Market or Frequency of Releases Using Our Pre-Packaged Domain Testing Automation Solutions

Quality Assurance Platform (QAP)

QualityKiosk uses a proprietary, state-of-the-art test automation framework that significantly reduces the time-to-market for your products. It is common for us to reduce 6-12 month QA cycles to less than 30 days.

Automation Testing Services | Quality Assurance | QualityKiosk Technologies

Functional Assurance for Enterprises is delivered using our Quality Assurance Platform. Our Assurance Automation Platform is based on a cutting-edge technology framework that combines test automation, test case libraries, QA tools, and consulting services to expedite a faster time to market.

Automation Testing Services | Quality Assurance | QualityKiosk Technologies

We offer clients the convenience of outcome driven pricing and are happy to take care of all QA needs. Our services allow you to relax knowing that all of your QA concerns will be met and handled in a timely, professional manner.

Test Automation
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