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Auto CIO's & CXO's, IT Co heads, Innovators from Cloud, ERP, Cyber Security, AR/VR, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles get together to #wafit

World Auto Forum connects Auto Suppliers, Auto OEM’s and Auto Dealers in 125 countries.

World Auto Forum on IT – WAFit! was held recently at The Grand New Delhi. It brought together Auto CIO's & CXO's, IT Co heads, Innovators from Cloud, ERP, Cyber Security, AR/VR, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles.

Anuj Guglani, Founder World Auto Forum said, “As per the recent Frost & Sullivan report, Automotive Industry IT Spending shall reach US$ 80.05 Billion in 2020 from US$ 37.9 Billion in 2015. The top 6 drivers as envisaged are Big Data, Security, IOT, Digital Retailing, Mobility, Automotive 14.0. He further added, “The Auto Industry had been rightly demanding a focused summit on IT hence its time to WAFit! ”

There were 25+ Thought Leaders, 120+ delegates, Mini exhibition and some great conversations @ WAFit!

The Power Panel 1 titled “Blueprint for the Next Gen ERP” was moderated by Saurabh Kumar, Partner Deloitte. He set the context by speaking on the evolution of ERP through the years, challenges of Enterprise IT and summarized Panelists views eloquently.

RKC Ranjith- Head- IT- TVS Motor Co spoke how future ERP’s cannot just confine to an enterprise and have to be end to end from Suppliers to Dealers. He gave a good round up on Traditional and Modern Age ERP.

Dr Chandan Chowdhury- VP Global Affairs & Business Development – Dassault Systémes, mentioned if Best Practices in companies become static, they would surely get disrupted by rivals. Next Gen ERP should be Cloud & mobile friendly with intelligence.

Sudhansu Maharana – Dy Head – IT – Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, spoke about the need of availability of detailed analytics for different users in Next gen ERP.

Hilal Khan – CIO – Honda Cars India spoke how Tech is evolving based on changing needs of the market and not just for the sake of evolution of Tech.

Ravish Sahay – EVP & Head Emerging Verticals, QualityKiosk mentioned how his company puts more emphasis on better security than just connectivity in the age of massive data being accessed across multiple devices. During his Keynote later, he put across succinctly the need to make Software & Connected Vehicles more secure through Innovative Solutions.

“Don't go on cloud just because everyone is going there. Innovation is hygiene” said Gauraav Thakar, Head Marketing QualityKiosk.

There was a powerful Keynote by Kshitij Saxena, CEO, Autoninja titled CRM- How to run a Data Driven Dealership and why Twitter just won’t grow? He spoke about how applications of Machine Learning for Sales, Service and Insurance CRM for Dealerships, increase dealer revenue and profitability.

Srinath Manda – Associate Director, Markets And Markets spoke how Autonomous Vehicles are about to transform mobility but are still a while way. The technologies are yet to integrate and deliver. We have to learn and make these vehicles foolproof.

Deepangshu D Sarmah Editor-In-chief, Auto Tech Review spoke about the hacking incident from 2015, involving a Grand Jeep Cherokee.The Hackers got Vehicle Access through an Open port in the entertainment System and thus controlled HVAC, Steering, Brakes, Transmission Systems of the vehicle. This incident led to development of new security standards like the J3016 Guidebook on Cyber Security by SAE. Thus reiterating the vulnerability of millions of vehicles on road and the importance of Cyber Security.

The Power Panel 2 titled “Cloud Computing in Automotive: Challenges & Opportunities” was moderated by Avik Chattopadhyay- Co Founder, Expereal. He set a brilliant perspective with his signature style and deep knowledge of Companies, Tech, Brands and Automotive!

Bishwanath Ghosh CIO Corporate M&M shared how AI, VR and AR would change the customer experience. He shared the learnings of the Virtual Showroom started by M&M in 2012. The existing Brick & Mortar Dealer Network can leverage the cloud proactively.

Pratap Pat Joshi CIO Mercedes Benz India shared Customer wants best Product at Best Price with Best service. Mr. Joshi spoke how at Mercedes Benz workshops, all the interactions between Customers and Dealer Service Advisor are digitally captured including the signatures. This leads to increase in Efficiency, Productivity, Customer Delight & workshop earnings.

Sanjiv Mahesh Head CX Consulting Oracle India averred how Major Auto Makers are leveraging Cloud for Service, Loyalty and Sales Force Management. Companies that continue to drive their business through cloud get sustained growth. He shared Success Stories of companies from across the globe.

Ravi Rajendra, Co Founder GI Social defined Cloud Computing and mentioned how dynamically it would be used through API’s coupled with hybrid cloud solutions. The entire IOT piece would drive Cloud, to connect and to decode the analytics.

Gautam Kapoor, Partner, Deloitte shared the underlying pre requisite to IOT, Cloud, AR/VR is Data Protection right from Creation, Storage, Processing, Usage to Destruction. “If Fingerprint is your password, you just left it on the glass of water you drank!”, he said.

Suraj Jadhav- Program Director –Automotive-Quality Kiosk spoke about Car Performance Diagnostics available on Mobile App and its relevance to customer. He also shared how for a client they had pre-tested performance at different global locations to foolproof a launch at a Global Motor Show.

Post Lunch session began with Mohamed Rafeeq , Director & CEO, NUSYN Digital. He shared how the new & smart Digital Signages are transforming the Retail Store Experience as an extension of the Online Experience. He shared the importance of synergizing Bricks & Clicks with Innovation. Their partner LG Electronics was also represented.Vijay Sethi CIO & Head CSR, Hero Moto Corp charged up WAFit! with his insightful Keynote on Changing E- trends of the society. How New Age factories are now run & managed digitally & remotely through sensors. The potential of Digital simulation to save costs and mitigate risks. He shared the right organization culture for Tech Adoption is more important than just technology itself.

Hilal Khan CIO Honda Cars India powered his Key note about Connected Cars with features around Safety, Convenience and Security. Honda Connect Mobile App which is available on Google Play and Apps Store and how they are inline with the Three Joys which are part of Honda’s Core Philosophy.

Mohit Ramani CEO Digital Agents demystified Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality ( AR/VR) and their application in the Automotive world. He shared the potential of these technologies and how they shall immerse the consumers in a new world of facts  and fantasy!

Bishwanath Ghosh, CIO Corporate Mahindra & Mahindra powered a Keynote on Cloud Computing Best Practices @ Automotive. He shared the “On Premise Challenges” of Organizations. He spoke on Newer issues due to Cloud like Security, Hybrid Access Mechanism, High Bandwidth. He effectively shared simple Do’s and Don’ts on  Cloud Strategy & Adoption.

Dr. Chandan Chowdhury, VP- Global Affairs & Business development, Dassau lt Systémes gave the final Keynote on Digital transformation for increasing revenues and margins. Measures to reduce time to launch new product and new variants. He spoke on mass  customization, Experience economy, Zero defect and minimal effect on Environment.

The Final Power Panel titled “How Safe and Practical are Connected, Driver less & Autonomous vehicles?” was moderated by Anuj Guglani, Founder World Auto Forum. He set the context by talking on concerns on Safety, Cyber Security, Ethics, Employment, Road Design and how insurance co’s are ecstatic that human error would be eliminated.

Gautam Kapoor, Partner, Deloitte spoke on the Cyber Security Concerns of Connected and Autonomous vehicles. He mentioned that Security by design is a pre requisite. He shared privacy issues using the New York Cabs Association RTi Case study and also Road Culture and Driver behavior influencing success of autonomous vehicles.

Navid Talib- Head-Quality & New Model Development, Honda Cars India, spoke about apprehensions around New tech being very normal. In closed townships autonomous cars can ply even today. In Japan, the driverless trains are routine. Autonomous vehicles plyingon public roads is a distant dream butan inevitable future reality.

Prof Gaurav Pandey, IIT Kanpur shared how features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Assist have already led to onset of Semi Autonomous Vehicles Technology on public roads. However unlike smartphones where phone makers could experiment, fail and learn post deployment, autonomous vehicles can come to market only when foolproof.

These days planes are running on Autopilot and over the years, accidents have reduced. Pilot intervention didn't stop overnight; it's a phased hand over. Most accidents happen due to human error. This tech might take away a few jobs initially but would also create new jobs.

Srinath Mande, Associate Director Markets And Markets spoke about 360 Degree view and control and the devices for the same. He reiterated the pre requisite of Infrastructure support for communication of autonomous vehicles and the onus on the authorities to develop the same.

Dr. Akhil Prasad Country Counsel Boeing India shared that Law would follow Tech. He said Autonomous vehicles would promote adoption of safer driving and commuting practices. He added even when the elevators were invented, there were similar concerns. Tech advancements & Innovations cannot be stopped. There would be issues and failures around testing and initial deployment.

An interesting suggestion from Mr Sudhansu Maharana, Dy IT Head Honda MotorCycle & Scooter India that Govt should involve the Auto Makers in road designs & roll out. Similar to Vehicle Homologation for Roadworthiness, should be a process for Road to be Vehicle Worthy!

According to Madhuri Hegde, CEO Mayflower Language Services, “The potential of Language Services in the era of IOT, Cloud, CRM, Autonomous vehicles, is immense and yet to be fully harnessed. The early Adopters amongst the Auto Co’s shall surely reap rich dividends and enjoy sustainable growth, Business and market dominance”

World Auto Forum on IT – Wafit! 2017 was brought to close with the Valedictory Ceremony where each & every partner of the Summit was rewarded & recognized on the stage by Esteemed Guests: Vijay Sethi CIO & Head CSR- Hero MotoCorp, Bishwanath Ghosh, CIO Corporate, Mahindra & Mahindra, Dr Chandan Chowdhury –VP- Global Affairs & BD, Dassault Systémes & Navid Talib – Head - Quality & New Model Development, Honda Cars India

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World Auto Forum (WAF) connects Auto Vendors, Auto OEM's and Auto Dealers in 125 countries. It felicitates meeting of minds, meeting of people across borders for innovation, business, skill development and a clean environment

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