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Issue April 2024

Letter from the CEO

I am elated to welcome you to the first edition of the new and improved newsletter! We heard your feedback and are back with a new newsletter format to tailor our communication to your needs.

To realize this vision, we have deployed a specialized newsletter squad to assist us in collating the inputs for creating an authentic newsletter that encapsulates the spirit of QK. With this, we aim to:

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From the Leadership Desk

The enhanced newsletter experience
marks a significant step towards evolving
our communication to accommodate
your – the QKites evolving preferences
and needs
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Elevating the Newsletter Experience

Welcome to the first edition of the new and improved newsletter!
We heard your feedback and are back with a new newsletter format to tailor our communication to your needs. To realize this vision, we have deployed a specialized newsletter squad to assist us in collating the inputs for creating an authentic newsletter that encapsulates the spirit of QK. With this, we aim to:

Share the QK Growth Story

To bring you end-to-end visibility on organizational growth, the newsletter will bring you regular updates on our business, innovation, and market expansion journeys.

Enhance Collaboration

The upgraded newsletter features insights into industry trends and the ongoing innovation initiatives at QK, opening a platform for cross-departmental collaboration and innovation opportunities

Showcase Unique QKite Journeys

Each QKite brings a unique perspective and experience to the table. Bringing these unique journeys to the fore, the newsletter will help you learn more about your colleagues’ passions and interests beyond work.

QK Community Enrichment

Through the newsletter, we move closer to our goal of creating a more interactive community that inspires holistic growth for QKites across different phases and hierarchies of their careers.

Let’s Shape the Newsletter Together

The newsletter is tailored for you - the QKites and its success hinges on your feedback and contributions. I encourage every QKite to take time to experience the revamped newsletter and help us with your feedback, inputs, and
improvement suggestions.

Newsletter Highlights

Business Updates

Customers Speak

Team News & Celebrations

Play & Win

Rev up
the Newsletter with
your creativity!

Top 3 ideas get awesome prizes and a chance
to see their creativity in action in the next edition of
the newsletter!

Facts Corner

Did You know?

Company News

QualityKiosk Wins the CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2024

QualityKiosk was awarded the Jamnalal Bajaj Award by the Council for Fair Business Practices (CFBP), recognizing the organization’s customer-centric processes and its social welfare impact through Matri Chaya. A big congratulations to all the QKites, especially the Matri Chaya team, for this incredible feat.

QK University wins the Title for Best Digital Learning Initiative

QK University was awarded the title of the Best Digital Learning Initiative at the Future L&D Summit and Awards 2024, organized by the UBS Forum. The recognition reinforces QualityKiosk’s commitment to empowering careers with tailored learning at different phases of career progression.

Infosec Introduces New Policy on AI

The Infosec team published a policy of 'Acceptable Usage of Generative AI tools' outlining the ethical, security, and privacy guidelines to consider when using AI for work. Along similar lines, the team has also laid down a comprehensive vendor evaluation checklist for analyzing the security impact of AI-based products/solutions.

Product Development
for Testing of
AI in Progress

Continuing our journey towards enabling and supporting the evolving state of technology across industries and operations, we are building an in-house product to enable the testing of AI for accuracy, performance, and compliance management. Stay tuned for more updates on the emerging development.

QualityKiosk Becomes QE Partner for First Duckcreek Implementation in India

QualityKiosk was chosen as the quality engineering partner for implementing Duckcreek, the leading digital insurance platform, for HDFC Ergo. This is the first instance of the platform being implemented in India.

qGineer Launches with First Batch

The Full Stack Quality Engineering (FSQE) initiative was in full swing as the inaugural batch of 30 qGineers started their upskilling journey to mastering the evolving quality engineering landscape on 15th January 2024.

Disclaimer: The newsletter is only meant for internal publishing and use. Sharing the newsletter or information in it with parties outside the organization is strictly non-permissible.

AI Benchmarking Gains Traction

As Artificial Intelligence unleashes new opportunities, the evaluation and benchmarking of Large Language Models (LLMs), the algorithms powering AI, is becoming increasingly critical. By evaluating and benchmarking LLMs, organizations can compare different models, measure their efficacy, and identify the ones best suited to their needs. The trend aligns with our ongoing vision and work towards building quality engineering solutions for effective AI testing.

AI Use & Compliance Moves Towards Standardization

As industries explore the promise of AI, the threats that the technology adds to digital ecosystems have become a hotbed of discussion and concern. Governments around the world are implementing strict regulations to protect consumers and end users against AI-based threats. With compliance evolving at breakneck speed, the demand for AI testing solutions is expected to skyrocket, generating new opportunities in the market.

Life Insurers Hyper-Focused on System Modernization

Pushed by current geopolitical and financial challenges, life insurers remain hyper-focused on system modernization, digital transformation, and innovation to boost customer centricity. This is driving the demand for AI-powered testing, reliability engineering, and observability solutions among major insurance players across the globe

Saudi Banking Industry Poised for Exponential Transformation

Focused on Saudi Vision 2030, the entire banking industry in the region is undergoing exponential digital transformation. Mobility and AI are expected to be pivotal in achieving the ambitious digital-first vision. Banks in the region have already started investing significantly in core banking transformation, embedded finance, AI technologies, BaaS, and BNFL (Buy now pay later).

AI-Led Technologies, a Big Hit with BFSI in APAC

The BFSI industry in the APAC region is investing significantly in AI-led technology to optimize operational efficiencies. The trend is being driven by the need to accommodate the growing population moving to digital-first platforms, combating evolving frauds, meeting compliances, and optimizing back-office operations.

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Best HR Organization to Work For

QualityKiosk was recognized as the Best HR Organization to Work for at the World HRD Congress 2024 held in Mumbai on 16th February 2024. Our second consecutive win at the event, the award shines a light on our people-centric culture that fosters innovation, learning, and excellence.

100 Most Impactful Learning & Development Minds

QualityKiosk’s learning & and development efforts made headlines once again as Mukesh Kataria, our Learning & Development Head, was recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Impactful Learning & Development Minds in India. Our heartiest congratulations to Mukesh on this win.

Most Iconic Tech HR Leaders

Veena D’Silva, our Senior VP & Global Head - Talent Acquisition, took QualityKiosk’s standing at the event even higher as she was recognized among the Most Iconic Tech HR leaders in India. A big congratulations to Veena for this new milestone.

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QK Awarded Dynatrace Services Endorsement Certification

QualityKiosk was awarded the Services Endorsement Partner certification by Dynatrace. The new certification will enable us to gain exclusive insights into the evolution of the platform, get expert sales and technical training, and accelerate our business growth.

Katalon Names QK RSI Partner of the Year

QualityKiosk was recognized as the Regional System Integrators (RSI) Partner of the Year for significantly investing in the expansion of Katalon-focused business as a new partner (<12 months of partnership) in 2023.

QualityKiosk Becomes a Tricentis Solution Partner

We have entered a new partnership with Tricentis as the Solution Partner for Performance Testing. The partnership will open new avenues for our business growth and empower us to augment our existing clientele with AI-first testing solutions.

QualityKiosk Awarded LambdaTest’s APAC Partner of the Year

QualityKiosk was awarded the APAC Partner of the Year Award at the LambdaTest Awards 2023 for its quality engineering excellence in the region, with a focus on insurance, banking, automotive, manufacturing, and other financial services industry (FSI) enterprises

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Trailblazers 3.0 Registers Staggering Success

The third edition of Trailblazers, an initiative tailored to empower interns with holistic vocational training, concluded on 27th February 2024. The initiative was a staggering success and was highly appreciated by the young talent. Swipe right to catch exciting glimpses of the event

Trailblazers 3.0 Highlights                           

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Rekindling Fitness with Cycling: The Beginning

I was an athlete and a fitness freak during my college days but kept away from regularly working out in the latter years due to professional and personal commitments. However, I restarted my fitness journey with cycling in September 2017.

Cycling to Friendships

Until now, I have successfully completed 3 BRM (long-distance cycling events) events, finishing two 100 kms and one 200 kms journey. I have achieved this feat with my community of fellow riders, who have made the journey an even more fun and memorable experience. Together, we have biked between Vashi & Lonavala, experiencing testing weather, scenic landscapes, and rocky terrains.

Continuing the Journey to More Memories

A standout memory from the journeys was when we navigated the challenging Bhor ghat, followed by a rewarding feast of idli and vada at Kamat restaurant Kandala. Cycling brings a blend of adventure and fitness, instilling me with confidence, freedom, and a spirit of exploration. Want to hear more about my cycling expeditions? Reach out to me on Teams or by email to know more.

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